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Anderson Valley / Boonville, CA Information

County  Mendocino County
Area Population  1,413

The area commonly known as Anderson Valley extends along  27 winding miles of rural Highway 128, in southern Mendocino County.  The valley is centered by Boonville and Philo, with Yorkville to the southeast and Navarro to the northwest.   Known for its natural beauty and being a bit off of the beaten path, the valley makes for a scenic leisurely connection between the Pacific North Coast and Highway 101.

Anderson Valley offers an eclectic mix of traditional ranches, farms, and wine-making with organic wineries and farms, as well as artisans.  A variety of writers, musicians, artists, and skilled craft-makers have brought attention to the rural enclave . . . and vice versa.

The valley was originally inhabited by a Pomoan population of about 600, who were dispersed amidst several small villages.  California statehood in 1850 enticed settlers to the area and by the turn of the century the Pomoan villages were gone.  Settlers relied upon farming (apples and hops), timber, and livestock (mostly sheep) for their survival.

Commercial vineyards cropped up in the 1960s and prepared the valley for the coming wine boom a few decades later.  Anderson Valley is presently known for world-class wine making.

The Anderson Valley offers a full range of real estate opportunities from smaller affordable homes to vineyard estates.

Boonville rests on Highway 128 at its junction with Highway 253, which creates a connection to Highway 101 and Ukiah about a half-hour/20-mile drive away.  Philo sits on Highway 128, about six miles northwest of Boonville.  They share a common climate favorable to grape growing.

Philo is home to just over 1,000 residents, as well as public radio station KZYX,

Boonville’s population is just over 1,300 and it is the heart of Anderson Valley.  The Anderson Valley Unified School District is located in Boonville and provides educational and extra-curricular opportunities from pre-school through High School.  Boonville is also home to the Mendocino County Fairgrounds, the Anderson Valley Historical Museum, Faulkner County park, Anderson Valley Wine Experience, and Anderson Valley Brewing Company.

Boonville/Anderson Valley events include: Boonville Beer Festival, Woolgrower’s Barbeque and Sheep Dog Trials, Wine Tasting Championships, Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show, Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival, Wild Iris Folk Festival, and California Wool and Fiber Festival.

Laytonville Elevation: 381′
Covelo Elevation: 331′
Climate: Month Average High Average Low Average Rain
January 56° 37° 7.96″
February 60° 40° 7.05″
March 64° 41° 5.92″
April 69° 43° 2.19″
May 76° 47° 1.20″
June 83° 52° 0.28″
July 91° 55° 0.05″
August 90° 55° 0.05″
September 86° 52° 0.67″
October 76° 46° 2.07″
November 62° 40° 5.40″
December 56° 36° 5.97″

Yorkville is 13 miles southwest of Boonville and 25 miles northwest of Cloverdale/Highway 101 in Sonoma County.  Just over 300 residents call Yorkville home.  Yorkville wineries are particularly known for pinot noir, chardonnay, zinfandel, and sparkling wine.  Yorkville sits inland from the coast and has a similar climate to Boonville and Philo; although, it gets slightly hotter in the summer and cooler in the winter.

Yorkville Elevation: 922′
Climate: Month Average High Average Low Average Rain
January 54° 33° 6.74″
February 57° 35° 5.93″
March 62° 37° 5.93″
April 68° 39° 1.70″
May 77° 44° 0.85″
June 85° 50° 0.22″
July 92° 54° 0.05″
August 92° 53° 0.09″
September 86° 49° 0.48″
October 75° 43° 1.48″
November 60° 37° 4.30″
December 54° 33° 4.81″

Navarro, about 14 miles northwest of Boonville, sits on the final stretch of Highway 128 before it dead ends 15 miles later at the Pacific Ocean and Highway 1.  Navarro’s proximity to the coast gives it a microclimate apart from the rest of Anderson Valley.  Navarro has a population of about 130 residents.

The Navarro Redwoods State Park and Paul Dimmick Campgrounds, aside from a cool getaway from summer heat, attract kayakers, canoeists, and anglers during the late winter and spring months.

Yorkville Elevation: 269′
Climate: Month Average High Average Low Average Rain
January 57° 39° 7.99″
February 58° 41° 6.89″
March 59° 41° 6.42″
April 60° 42° 3.01″
May 62° 46° 1.07″
June 64° 48° 0.26″
July 66° 49° 0.14″
August 67° 50° 0.34″
September 68° 49° 0.74″
October 66° 45° 2.36″
November 61° 41° 5.80″
December 57° 38° 6.83″

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