Coming Soon: Texting With Your Appliances

Warning: What you are about to see could possibly blow your mind. You’ve been warned… What you just saw isn’t some sick Buzzfeed joke. It’s REAL and it is all part of LG’s new HomeChat™ service that allows homeowners in South Korea to communicate, control, monitor and share content with their latest smart appliances. According [...]

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Implement Zen Components into Your Home and Life

Let’s be honest. We all can stand to benefit from a little Zen inspiration in our lives. Our everyday activities can overwhelm and slow us down causing many to burn out. But adding a little serenity to your life (and home) can make a huge difference in how you think and feel. Today we’re featuring [...]

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What to Know Before Refinishing Your Floors

About 20 years, most hardwood floors start showing their age; scratches, dullness and discoloring are the most common signs that the wood is due for refinishing. Fortunately, the typical ¾-inch-thick hardwood floor can be sanded about six to eight times during its lifetime. So unless you live in a particularly old house, or a previous [...]

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A Garage Addition Can Solve Your Storage Problems

For many Jacksonville residents, the garage is far more than a spot to park the car — it’s become more of a catchall for every outdoor item the family owns. Floridians spend a ton of time outside, so they often have to store their surfboards and windsurfers in addition to the normal gardening and lawn [...]

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Professional Home Energy Auditors May be Worth the Cost

Energy prices may fluctuate from time to time, making it difficult for homeowners to estimate their monthly bills. However, there are a few actions individuals can take to keep their costs low without sacrificing efficiency. More owners conduct energy audits after initially buying a home, but it’s important to keep up on these examinations over [...]

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Top Upgrades in High Demand

Many existing homeowners choose summer time to spruce up their homes and make upgrades or improvements. While some home features, such as formal living rooms, have waned in popularity as of late, there are several common improvement projects that consumers still turn toward, to increase space and improve their real estate value. Storage Space Built-in [...]

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